Saturday, July 31, 2004

today is my 51st post

hmm how days pass.. this is my 51st post.. guess i haf write for at least 1 mth i feel abt blogging?

well it is a way to fa xie.. a way to tink through the events tat happen.... a way to decide alot of tings..

haiz.. duno why today tink alot....

i feel desperately ignored.. haiz.. ignored here n there.. omg..

guess i nt the person they wan to see or chat with..

i feel very dejected.. i feel no energy

toking to some1 need energy

n i feeling very jaded.. now i feel even tired to handle 1 chat window ..

I really wan to block every1.. i really dun wan go the same irc channels liao..

I will miss every1 but maybe i should take a break.. take a long break frm every1.. take 1 mth? 2 mth? 3 mth?

who noes.. i guess i wan get away frm my com.. get FAR FAR AWAY FRM my com

Thursday, July 29, 2004

the only subject for today is food

hmm haha.. woke up ard 12.. sian ah.. must oversee the electrical wiring of my house... sian sian..
den cool.. fren call me go out.. he treat me dinner sia.. hmm sian ah.. go out frm 2pm.. can only eat at 6 becoz still need to wait for frens.... lolx.. rot ard in tm n century square for 3 hr i tink... hmm so if u saw 3 boliao guys walking ard in tm, yeah tat us n omg why u nv go ask autograph frm us since we walked like models

haha jk jk.. hope u smile at tat..lolx.. hmm den we walked to hans in east point.. =x..  exercise b4 food.. gee... den half way we  sit down at void deck table n  feed mosquito.. hey we walk ard tm for 3 hr.. guys need to rest oso..haha

HmMm.. siao siao lehz.. we suddenly tok abt love..omg.. 3 big guys toking abt love..-.-.. i guess ppl can b sian until tok tat.. hMmm my 2 fren pro lo.. all say they r victims of love..wahaha..  me nt  victim of love la.. eh dun tink i noe love.. do i noe wat love?? wat is definition of love??

as a fren say==> for him, love some1 mean w/o her ard u, u will feel bu zhi zai... alway thinking of her..

wah is tat true??

haha well those who see my blog is gals.. i guess u all noe more than me.. gt time must tell me hor

eh. write so long havent say abt food..

haha nice food at hans buffet la.. u can eat everything under the sky..lolx except the expensive 1 lo.. hmmMm
my fren so gd at make soup.. i duno how sia.. i could only put meat at there n stir ard.. guess all ppl noe it.. wo shi wu luo yong de ren.. (u noe the song?)

i did nt eat alot la.. or nt my expected amt.. guess i lost appetite over life..... my fren keep asking me eat more.. but but

hehehe.. eat finish den walk back to tampines lo.. exercise again...

once back hm , bath den online liao.. but suddenly feel very tired... must b the food

today alot of topics to tok in chats with chienwen, lian jie , meiqi.. only peishan alway make me vomit blood..
haha miss lijun dun even tok more than " hi" den i reply with a i m tired..den she reply " go slp la"... eh abt 1230pm or 1 something lehz.. i nv slp early lehz..

1 topic is  abt  johari window(personality test.. go search google)

guess i nt a gd person

guess i nt gd euff for any1

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

lolx lolx lolx.. laggy gb..=s

now is 4am .. almost 4 am la.. sian ah.. gb lag..lolx..

hmm ppl say i active at nite slp at day.. ask me how i adapt when i gg into ns..

hehe.. guess i haf to adapt la or i die.. everyday 20 push up will sian 1/2.. lolx.. but on bright side, can train arm mahz.... become muscle guy..lolx

=P.. erm whole day nthg special happen.. it just pure siannes.. hmm i wonder if ppl like to live a peaceful or noisy life???

haha.. just now c peishan pic with the guy.. the guy is who ah???? hehe.. pro sia.. gd caption.... so peishan do see guy 1 ..OmG.. still say no shuai ge in sentosa..lolx

ErM..eee.. some1 say i alway tok the same things 1.. m i so boring or 1 way track? omg..i tink i sound like a recorder i guess.. but hmm no happenings in life.. how to b exciting ahh,,

sometimE  life has to B exciting...iF nT passion will drop n lIfe will b monotonous..

eh.. i counting .. do i say i like u b4??

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

erM siAN ah

so  sian.. nt talkative.. tio ignored.. hungry.. arghh. wat did i do to deserve this??

when i tio ignnnored, i really no mood liao..


haiz.. wat a waste of our time.. guess i haf to forget abt u

Monday, July 26, 2004

monday coming again.. i nt a gd bf.

hehehe.. now is 4am i still alive.. later gg to watch brazil vs argentina mahz.. confirm cool match..

erm.. sunday alway nth to say 1.. alway so sian.. monday blues now.. so sianz ah

just now chat with meiqi.. she tio serious dose of monday blues.. haha.. erm say wan to rebel.. dun wan to b guai guai.. dun wan to conform to the order of society.. wana skip sch..hahahaha.. no la.. she dun wan to b bad.. just dun wan to b wat she was..

why every1 wan to b some1 else..  i oso wan to b some1 lehz.. i wan to b more open, outgoing, nt so dao.., more daring more ........

but i guess it mean losing some valuable part of urself bahz..

i guess fate has shaped us n so it will have something gd happen to us.. lol

just now miss cailian gif me a url.. quite a nice url.. well it doesnt work it nv motivate me.. i still tink i worthless junk.. haha.. but looking at the beautiful scenery showed in the slideshow.. it does gif u some warm feeling.. i guess i really haf to go out to the world.. i wan to b free like a bird.. i dun wan to tink.. i wan look at nature n decry why fate has made me wat i m.. every1 seek peace.. every1 seek to make peace with themselves.. so haf u found it urself??

gaga..i dun make a gd bf.. my netfren say so.. lolx.. i tink so bahz..

i guess i wan to b alive

Sunday, July 25, 2004

lovely soccer.. tio injured

woop.. woke up at 2plus ..omg.. alway slp so late.. den fetch my bro to cca..:P

den sudden call.. we need soccer players at tp..  so i go..haha

den play long long .. few wk nv play.. but nv lose score a nice goal..

so proud of it..:D... go past 2 defenders n shoot past keeper .. no chnace for keeper

but tio injured for last few games.. so erm hobble ard la.. cannt liao.. sian

i wan play soccer.. i wan get rid of lousy tots..

hehe.. so funny get a sms.. chienwen tio stranded at marina bay..wahahaha

eh.. n now chatting with a pretty gal.. she super nice to me..:P.. but haiz she gt tragte le.. n i hmm still ____________