Sunday, July 25, 2004

lovely soccer.. tio injured

woop.. woke up at 2plus ..omg.. alway slp so late.. den fetch my bro to cca..:P

den sudden call.. we need soccer players at tp..  so i go..haha

den play long long .. few wk nv play.. but nv lose score a nice goal..

so proud of it..:D... go past 2 defenders n shoot past keeper .. no chnace for keeper

but tio injured for last few games.. so erm hobble ard la.. cannt liao.. sian

i wan play soccer.. i wan get rid of lousy tots..

hehe.. so funny get a sms.. chienwen tio stranded at marina bay..wahahaha

eh.. n now chatting with a pretty gal.. she super nice to me..:P.. but haiz she gt tragte le.. n i hmm still ____________

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