Monday, July 26, 2004

monday coming again.. i nt a gd bf.

hehehe.. now is 4am i still alive.. later gg to watch brazil vs argentina mahz.. confirm cool match..

erm.. sunday alway nth to say 1.. alway so sian.. monday blues now.. so sianz ah

just now chat with meiqi.. she tio serious dose of monday blues.. haha.. erm say wan to rebel.. dun wan to b guai guai.. dun wan to conform to the order of society.. wana skip sch..hahahaha.. no la.. she dun wan to b bad.. just dun wan to b wat she was..

why every1 wan to b some1 else..  i oso wan to b some1 lehz.. i wan to b more open, outgoing, nt so dao.., more daring more ........

but i guess it mean losing some valuable part of urself bahz..

i guess fate has shaped us n so it will have something gd happen to us.. lol

just now miss cailian gif me a url.. quite a nice url.. well it doesnt work it nv motivate me.. i still tink i worthless junk.. haha.. but looking at the beautiful scenery showed in the slideshow.. it does gif u some warm feeling.. i guess i really haf to go out to the world.. i wan to b free like a bird.. i dun wan to tink.. i wan look at nature n decry why fate has made me wat i m.. every1 seek peace.. every1 seek to make peace with themselves.. so haf u found it urself??

gaga..i dun make a gd bf.. my netfren say so.. lolx.. i tink so bahz..

i guess i wan to b alive

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