Wednesday, July 28, 2004

lolx lolx lolx.. laggy gb..=s

now is 4am .. almost 4 am la.. sian ah.. gb lag..lolx..

hmm ppl say i active at nite slp at day.. ask me how i adapt when i gg into ns..

hehe.. guess i haf to adapt la or i die.. everyday 20 push up will sian 1/2.. lolx.. but on bright side, can train arm mahz.... become muscle guy..lolx

=P.. erm whole day nthg special happen.. it just pure siannes.. hmm i wonder if ppl like to live a peaceful or noisy life???

haha.. just now c peishan pic with the guy.. the guy is who ah???? hehe.. pro sia.. gd caption.... so peishan do see guy 1 ..OmG.. still say no shuai ge in sentosa..lolx

ErM..eee.. some1 say i alway tok the same things 1.. m i so boring or 1 way track? omg..i tink i sound like a recorder i guess.. but hmm no happenings in life.. how to b exciting ahh,,

sometimE  life has to B exciting...iF nT passion will drop n lIfe will b monotonous..

eh.. i counting .. do i say i like u b4??

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