Sunday, November 28, 2004

eh my last book out b4 ns

hmm now i realised i nv write alot ting abt my ns.. my 7 weeks..i wanted to keep a diary but hmm duno y i couldnt keep it on.. duno wat to say la.. just tat everyting is a dream la.. it goes by so fast.. frm a scared teenage boi who duno wat to expect abt ns to now a soldier who hold a gun go field camp disclpined laughed at scolded like shit.. hey i wonder.. did i ever change.. do i find my purpose in living.. i still feel as lonely as ever.. as few as frens i ever haf.. i nt a guy who go after money wealth branded ting.. just a guy who live simply as ever.. a guy who crave to b home.. who carve to b hapi everyday.. where my happiness is.. i do wonder how i survive outside.. can can i reali survive in the real world out there

eh ns life.. blur la..a guy who do nt noe how to march properly.. a guy who as in army tok get f**ked many times. hmm given many nicks bug bunny easter bunny mickey.. treated like joke...a guy who keep being asked to keep my mouth closed becoz segarant dun like to see my mouth open n act like a blurf**k.. haha.. army nt bed of roses..hmm stilll gt 2 more yr to new unit maybe will haf better ting happen.. beta colleague... let hope ba.

but i enjoy my ns life la.. my strict segarants.. noe alot sides of person.. noe myself even beta..
noe tat i a selfish bastard.. i dunnoe how to relate to ppl.. i dunnoe alot ting abt life.. i just nt gd euff ... haha

aiya.. let b hapi abt life ba.. u dream of life beta.. but it dun b beta by itself.. it is ur beliefs tat make it beta..

dun ever give up abt life.. i noe i almost give up.. i noe i cry in slp moaning abt life..
but i wan to haf the will the determination to live to enjoy life given by my parents...
to live the dreams.. to live the hopes...

dun b depressed. frens no matter wat.. there is hope......................

aiya now 3 am.. i siao kia.. still dun slp.. tml gg to play soccer.. hah injured finger bandaged big big duno can play arnot.. hoppe so ba

last 5 days b4 my graduation frm bmt..