Saturday, November 26, 2005

saturday nite

haha... lolz finali haf some sort of long wkend.. although i friday duty..veri sian.. nth much happen..

hmm sat morning go out.. take cab to central fire station.. wah super xiong lo.. pay abt 7 dollar..

2 perosn share sumore..

nxt time dun take cab le.. cibai driver.. eat our money i tink.. keep gg in circles..

nth 1 la the exhibition

after awhile can fall out le

den me n camp mates went walk aaard the arear to find fodd to eat.. walk walk

i m simply uninterested in shopping n viewing stuff.. food food! heavy bag sumore..

poor me

finali settled on raffles city food junction..

ahh hungry... bought beef noodles but found out tat there is satay beehoonn.. my craving

unfortunately dun get to eat it.. any1 can jio me in future?

sian i kana laughed n made fun by my frens

m i reali a entertainment toy for ppl
ppl laugh at me for being stuoid doing stuoid things..

maybe i reali stupid, nt as smart as i would tink..

sian tink wo shi ben ben de nan ren..

den go home le.. slp slp

ard 7 pmwake up

totally refreshed!!

n now 340am i still awake..

haha.. sumtime i tink i a nite person.. caan onli b truly alive in nite


a sms come.. i gt a movie date

Thursday, November 24, 2005

working makes my blood boil..

i cannt take it le la..

finali report gd results in HR audit.. i get 100%.. abit cheating but still pass ..

but unfortunately the cheer of finishing the hurdle nv last long.

hmm.. during the course of last mth, i finali piss off my chief clerk..

frm early wk she started to aim me..

hmm i reacted.. maybe abit stupid of mi.. but i cant help it if she is incapable and truly in the wrong ..

i kana called up by my officer.. n hmm kana lectured.. it could be worse..

i could be charged for insuborbination..

i tink in army u can be easily be killed by any1 as long as he has the power..

i tink saf has given those fat cats in the military too much power..

hmm maybe it can reason it is to maintain disclipine...

but wat if the superior did not like subordinates.. maybeif just becoz he stepped on her toes or wat..

i realli dun like woman liao.. they r really vengeful..

they can anyhow ppulll the law book and charge the people anyhow.. i work in the admin.. there r realli alot of ways of a superior can deal with his subordinates.. abit disgusted with it..

i tink all the nsf must really depend on the compassion of his superiors.

his future can be easily destroyed bvy a person in the army. he can bloody hell be thrown into db for 7 days and therefore haf a criminal record..

maybe i tink abit too much..

i guess i learn a bit lesson.. dun trifle with man in power

i shall keep quiet and keep a low profile

tml i duty.. ashall hope the days goes faster.. n lian fogive me?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

hmm i cant say anything

hmm i almost cried when i see some person blog

i can see somebody more sadder than me,,suffer more than me..
hmm.. sometime i tink whether i did suffer alot..or is this world just fair to every person by making their life worse for me?

every person would have their sad moments.. the moments they wan to die.. the monets they missed thier loved 1.. the moments they wan to live for tat special one..

i veri tired..

i just feel y the world cant make the ppl all happier..

i returning to army soon..

i cant tell the world how sad i m..

maybe i should keep eveyrthing to myself..

i should keep something to myself..
i keep my hopes up

somehow i tink lifewill b better

for u
for her

for me

in my deepest corner of my heart, i wish u all the best..

bored sunday

i cant seem tofind anything interesting in life.. since tat day..

msn.. maybe i getting tired of it liao..
alway same old ppl?

i dunnoe lei... maybe i just nt the guy anymore..

getting far far away frm wat im..

i just hope i cangrow even older..

i wan to decry llife

life is nt interesting

i felt detached