Sunday, November 20, 2005

hmm i cant say anything

hmm i almost cried when i see some person blog

i can see somebody more sadder than me,,suffer more than me..
hmm.. sometime i tink whether i did suffer alot..or is this world just fair to every person by making their life worse for me?

every person would have their sad moments.. the moments they wan to die.. the monets they missed thier loved 1.. the moments they wan to live for tat special one..

i veri tired..

i just feel y the world cant make the ppl all happier..

i returning to army soon..

i cant tell the world how sad i m..

maybe i should keep eveyrthing to myself..

i should keep something to myself..
i keep my hopes up

somehow i tink lifewill b better

for u
for her

for me

in my deepest corner of my heart, i wish u all the best..

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