Friday, September 14, 2007

so long nv blog

ya i m so boring..

nv come to blog becoz reali nth to blog la

i dun have bf to blog abt

i dun shop

i oso dun like to type 1 2 3 words in blog den end story

oh ya best i dun have digicam

so i cannt take pics

i cannt zilian

so ya.. boring blog..

so sad colleague dun like. she make it clear. i respect decision. but i cant stop tinking of her...

well i still treating her as a fren..

have abit quarrel on thurs n fri over a new guy n her. she seem frenly towards him. i guess i too pushy to pry into her affair..

so ya kana scold.. n say clearly liao. she dun like me at all. thks but dun be nice to mee

but i wun forget the times with her