Saturday, July 31, 2004

today is my 51st post

hmm how days pass.. this is my 51st post.. guess i haf write for at least 1 mth i feel abt blogging?

well it is a way to fa xie.. a way to tink through the events tat happen.... a way to decide alot of tings..

haiz.. duno why today tink alot....

i feel desperately ignored.. haiz.. ignored here n there.. omg..

guess i nt the person they wan to see or chat with..

i feel very dejected.. i feel no energy

toking to some1 need energy

n i feeling very jaded.. now i feel even tired to handle 1 chat window ..

I really wan to block every1.. i really dun wan go the same irc channels liao..

I will miss every1 but maybe i should take a break.. take a long break frm every1.. take 1 mth? 2 mth? 3 mth?

who noes.. i guess i wan get away frm my com.. get FAR FAR AWAY FRM my com

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