Sunday, April 09, 2006


where my life~!~!?

haha.. sat mrning wake up damn early at 6.... den go marsiling..
go singapore american school.. join a grp of volunteers.. with chee chun n wlung..
lol.. we quite shy there..they ask us to be more cheerful n active.. we sit in bus den go savh(singapore association of visually impaired).. we r supposed to be the guide for them to move ard.. hmm there r ppl frm all age.. frm 13 to 60 i tink.. most of them quite old.. wah sian.. really dunnoe how to communicate.. guess i made alot of mistakes.. like pointing the direction where they cannt see.. they let me try to use my voice mre.. learn to communicate more.. let me know tat there r ppl with dreams and so on.. more desolate ppl with dreams but lack capability to achieve it.=x..n i see how society can be tat cruel to them or so gracious towards them.. saw alot of warmhearted ppl..
nt bad..~~

more volunteer work pls..

uh.. den play soccer at tp.. damn shagged.. lose the match terribly..
den go eat dinner..
den go boon keng eat prata..

lol..i gt a lively debate with cheenwei on further educations n so on..
he siao on 1..

now sunday le.. wad shd i do?

ciaoz.. go study lo.. no time no time
singapore society can be saved..=P
in all, it is quite enriching experience.. hoping to go for more..
any offers?

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