Thursday, April 06, 2006

plans ahead? for this wk

uh.. today on leave (blk leave) la.. so sian.. dun wan to take 1 but bo biannnn..........

so nth much to do today.. woke up damn early today..

for past few days, nth much.. just planning on mon n wed.. den duty on tues.. den guards day on thurs..
our unit cannt make it.. losing alot of events to new recruits...
uh how to get RECON 1 sia

die liao la
but i learnt fighting spirit
lose alreadi dun gif up frm my Co
although can see him visibly disappointed.. he tried to motivate us thrgh his lau ya speecch..
haha.. unit cannt make it.. maybe due to his poor leadership.. always scold commander in frt of man, tink causing commander to be disillusioned and man to lose respect for commanders.. thus having a sub culture of bo chap...
guess he tried his best..

hmm i tink i have to try my best in watever i do.. if fail once, must try twice.. if fail twice, must try countless time..
fighting spirit..
today do nth but read books n study my biz n finance..
sat do volunteer work..
sunday same old stuff..
maybe today wana gamble on tampines vs albretirex

bo money liao.. i poor guy

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