Saturday, September 03, 2005

3 sept

lol wkend had come.. my mc had ended

just now saw a show on ch 8 abt the brave ppl who had come through adversities n live profile a wife whose husband suddenly went mad n killed his son.. he is undergoing depression tat time.. n then he commit suicide upon noeing wat he had done..

hmm a single day.. she lost two of her dearest person.. n noeing the fact is her husband took away all these.. this is a huge blow to any1... she took time to reover.. n telling herself there r worse ppl with worse fate than her.. she finali succeeded in getting her life back.. her grief still remain.. but she continue to live on in memory for her husband n son..

lol.. tears alway accompanied her through those two terrible yrs after her son n husband died.. the memories alway tortured her..
but she lived on..

hmm sad hor.. alway so sad to see dearest ppl to die so early at young age

i a person who oso gone through tat

i understand tat truly

it is a unexpected loss

1 nite

n then she is gone

gone frm my life forever

i miss her terribly

i reali tink of her everyday
n how she will support me

i lost my crutches..
i lost my mum
ppl had survived n lived on with their grief

but why havent i?
why cant i do something with my life

no 1 understand me...

1 more mth.. i m 21.. will she b happy?

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