Tuesday, August 30, 2005

1 wk mc

now is my fourth day of my mc.. nt bad la..

i tink i will wan mc everyday.. rest at home so shiok
listen to my fav 933

but ah
still haf to face the reality of work la..

sian.. my teeth still pain lei.. uncomfortable.. no wonder gt 1 wk mc... still havent recover fully..


saw jasmine aka weilin. haha.. she ah.. smoking at small mac at tampines.. notti notti.. say she notice me.. but somehow i dun tink so la.. haha.. dun dare approach him becoz of my face1!!!

very swollen..

weilin one of the gal i noe longest but somehow we cant haf many topics to tok

maybe becoz she lian lian ba..

hmm but i like her quite alot

quite cool n pretty

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