Friday, August 26, 2005

operation finished

omg i still alive..

hmm operation finsihed..

quite scary

now i in constant pain.. sian

slp the whle nite

trying to slp off the pain

now feeling better so i come n type this in.. so it serve as a memory as me

hmm abt 11am i reach hospital

i register myself..

den they ask me go into the waiting ward for operation..

asked me change into operation gown ( blue blue 1) eekk

wear cap tat look like shower cap(eek)

so eek eek

i saw a few patients in frt of me.
lolz.. i noe i haf wait for long..

my doctor found something in my xray tata i may haf something tat affect my operation

ask me go down to get another closer xray

in the end nth appear in my xray.. wat a waste of time.. but hor the xray radiogrpaher is so pretty.. look china but pretty..
nice voice too

then i sit in the ward to wait for my turn..

den i can watch tv omg.. it shwoing a rerun of lkiang po po..
wait until 1 plus
its my turn alreadi. quite scary.. the nurse spray something up my nose.. saying it numb my nose as a tube must b inserted up my nose to allow me breathe in air..

hmmm i hold my balnket n the nurse ask me strippp....... haha.. no la.. just take off my jacket.. n ask me sit down at the operation bed.. eek.. scary.. they all wear operation gown. lolz.. den huh a anaanathesticist intro herself.. say she will put me to slp.. den huh.. she inserted some tube to my hand . saying it will bring the anaestic to my blood.. wah after a few moment.. i reali went to slp.. omg..

totally out of it............

den huh i wake up .. found myself still in operation table..lolz.. wah the nurse say i wake up earlier than expected..

den i lie grooggy in bed.. being pushed into waiting ward.. jialat jialat...

reali jialat sia

tink i nt reali suited for anaestis.. super groggy n headache super pain...

cannt tahan standing even

den omg when my brain turned clearer.. i overheard the doctor n nurse toking.. haha say the army dun let ppl slp 1 ah.. i reaalli slp like siao lo..cant wake up sia

hmm den father come fetch me home.. i insist on taking cab as i reali feel goroggy n headache...

i relai cannt tahan the long ride home by mrt


as of now in 27082005, i still cannt eat much or do anything much.. mouth still very swollen

if nobody noe, i just went trough a operation to remove wisdom tooth..


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