Sunday, August 21, 2005


just now i ty pe alot of thing.. but some how it gt refreshed n it just gone lidat.. maybe it is destined to let ppl see...

i lament abt my unluckiness in noeing some 'truehearted' frens

i alment i just look for gd in person
yet i neglect the badness in ppl

so easy leave me

we share so many experiences online

we share jokes

we mit each other

doesnt it affirm our frenship to each other.. our.........

ppl so ez desimplify frenship even though it is online..

chat once a wk= irritating so chat a mth.. she still say it doesnt matter to her..

maybe i too sensitive
it sound so bad .. so ungratefull..

no matter how ppl irritate me, i still treasure every moment with him.. brcoz he is once my fren
n i treat him like a fren as she has treated meeeeeeeeeee/

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