Monday, October 04, 2004

yesterday my birthday..

lolx.. totally gloomy sunday..-.-wake up late den see sky so black..=(.. my birthday is so gloomy.. wat will b ahead of me ??? haiz.. reali getting depressed when i see the day coming soon..

wake up ard 12.. woken by sms..=x... saying i beta dun slpping now.. but i m.. oops

den sian sian see sky.. black.. totally no mood to see lian jiejie..hee.. paisehz.. n then my father called to tell me to help him in work.. sian... wasted my afternoon.. but i very surprised to seee my lunch= kfc ultimate chicken..muahaha.. my sisters buy for me 1.. ty ty...being ur korkor gt privleges although i dun reali gif u stuff n gift.. bad korkor..=P.. den nite come back after pizza hut.. the otah pizzaa.. wow.. fastfood birthday lunch n dinner..lolx..haha.. it must b becoz i keep on saying tat thing look gd on tv den they so nice buy for

=( finally thank u to those who wished me hapi bday.. haha.. be it belated or wat..=P.. many belated.. ty to those who send hapi bday msg n nice picturemsg frm eug

n finally thank for this msg " hey birthday boy! go where play now? haha.. birthday on sunday good or not? got girls date u out or not? hahahaha"

it totally make my day...-__-"
oo n thanks to those who mention me in thier blog.. wow at least gt a name in ur entries..
oo thanks to peishan for making my name big big in the bluedome channel
oo thank to those who gif me presents.. n thank to those who nv gif me presents
wow.. so many thanks

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