Saturday, September 18, 2004

haha.. injured


feel happy today becoz finally i get to play soccer.. only thing tat ever make me hapi

cool la.. score quite a few goals beisde nt playing for 2 months.. play on court.. although i fat but i do score goals.. natural to me.. hee.. score a stunner today.. a goal any1 will b proud of.. i hit it well n it bend... keeper tot it is out but it bend .... wow.. u can see the bend ...keeper n their players stunned..wahaha.. every1 on the field stunned.. o.o getting proud liao.. but really nice lo.. u haf to b there to appreciate its beauty

hmm soccer is my love n alway my love..

beisde soccer, still the same day as alway.. nt much ppl to chat with.. gb n gb.. i mad le

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