Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yesterday nite off nv blog.. but sneak out to come out to blog

lol.. today is wednesday..shouldnt be here at all.. my nites off days are tuesday n thursday!
but i sneak out of camp.. haha
wana enjoy life out here.. listen music play games.. chat with fren
so shiok

haha.. duno time passes quite slow or i should say fast sinceit is the end of nov le..

actuali today should be the end of HR audit..

However, mysuperior delayed it by 2 more wks..

so sian lo.. i just hate changes

i prepped properly for this lo

2 more wks.. it seemm so far away

but 1 mth later it is end of the yr

haha.. actuali wish for the end of yr come soon..

maybe nxt yr will be a better yr
it willb full of happiness n joy nxt yr..

i hopeeeeeeeeeeee soo

hmm i get guard duty on 31 dec 2005.. haha wat a way to end yr 2005

anyway 2005 sux for me la.. it is a apt way to end this horrible yr..

but i would nt regret noeing more frens in this yr.. haha i noe amelia.. yingying.. n many more ba

wat will nxt yr bring

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