Saturday, May 28, 2005


Anyone who saw the last post.. Pls kindly ignore that post. This is written in a Siao mood.. Totally untrue n totally ridiculous.. How can I sell myself? N who wan digI cam!!

ha.. BTW all the girls name written in last post is totally FICTIONAL!!!
if u haf the same with the names indicated in last post, this is totally concidental and purely accidentally.

due to many complaints, i decide to write this disclaimer

hmm haha.. this week quite short n relaxing.. i love this wk.. more of this kind of wk pls

fri SAF family day.. early book out

den run to orchard to Buy wenqiang gift with chenwei.. haha.. love to go orchard .. why? erm for reason unknown

haha.. cute la.. n RICH CHENWEI.. he totally broke no sweat on buying a few hundred dollars of stuff..

btw wat is crumpler bag? is it a branded thing? why so ex


den den siao siao sms this gal.. let call her chloe or hapigal.. (p.s totally fictious name)

becoz earlier wk she tell me she gg to treat me some food called LALA at chomp chomp food court at serangoon garden.. wah far seh

so erm i bad la.. i pester her..lolz

even though she no gd mood, she very nice bring me n chenwei along.. she very noisy n talkative.. gd to ease mood. haha.. but being the ever nice guy.. i totally guiltstruck..

haha.. but the food there super nice wor.. must go there eat next time..
n sugar cane drink super big lo

nice experience..

wah see a old fren sumore lo.. haha he drive a car.. sob

den go chenwei home slp.. shiok.. nice hse.. haha.. hmm maybe later gg to update again.. nwo totally moodless


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