Saturday, December 10, 2005

wu yue Tian finaL home Concert at maX pavilion

im going! i M going!

haha.. spent hundred plus just to go there..dUnO la.... tooextravaGANT..?

I gg to enjoy myself there lo

hmm must truly enjoy wu yue tian music


but sumhow on the eve of the concert, i dun feel anything

maybe too dragged down by work le la

sumhow i feel lonely rite now..

why i dun seem to be able to get close to some1..

why cant i ever touch ppl hearts..

m i born lonely?

everfamiliar theme in my blog.. but tell me..

do i deserve all these happen to me?

i do not know n maybe i do deserve it..

my frens.. where r u?

i tired of looking always to the screen.. i tired of always msning ppl..

m i gd person?

m i reali gd?

surely.. i m nt gd.. becoz i duno.. tat how i m... how i wish the old times will return

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