Sunday, December 04, 2005

yeah sunday afternn

hmm..just discovered this is my 262 post onli.. haha i wrote for 1 yr or more liao i tink..
actulai i wrie very little..
ok la i try to update more..

yesterday i went to MARINA square again..haha...
marina square getting to be my fav haunt..
weelung bday.. yuki yaki bfeet
cheechun bday ==> changing appetites

changing appetities actuali nt bad
affordable n nice food oso
i drool over food
although my 1 nt the nicer
but i see others
so yummy
i regret my choice.. black pepper silfon steak(duno how to spell) which cost 16.90

but super yummy

food paradise marina square sia

i wan bring my gf to go there too

hmm actuali at first wan to go marina bay.. but when we reach there. wl changed plans.. sian
haha i m actualli wan to go see chienwen mumor sis whether they r still working there arnot..

den we take taxi over to city hall where we deliberated for very long
finali go marina square

the time will be abt 2 hrs after we first mit..
lolz our grp is very indecisive

the food is gd the company is gd..
but i cant seem to get into the mood..
maybe too long nv see them
duno wat to tok liao..

wah i a born loner..

n hmm this outing burnt mymoney for this mth..
oh shit my fone bills..

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