Sunday, February 19, 2006

where is the love

i gt nthg to say abt today
except abit sian
totally no mood to do anything
abit sick i guess
whole day online
finding ppl to fan

hmm i duno if i conservative or wad..
but i dun like gals call guys to mit up or even gals asking guys to be bf..
haha always tink is the guy job
n it a job i did terribly
super sianz la..
nobody to date
nt even in feb 2007
i just a failure?
hmm maybe i should close down myself to the world
n tink of onli 1 thing
to achieve success
success is measured by money i guess
i wan earn more money
more more more
money is root of all worries
lmore money mean less worry
haiz tok too much.. bye haf a ncie wkend..
i gtg for duty later

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