Saturday, February 25, 2006

i saw nth buy darkness..

may darkness glorify ur day!!
god save me!
haha.. weird jincai


anyway yesterday bk out early.. hah 8pm lol..
took a bus home.. saw a gal n guy.. making out at the behind of the bus..
i was like omg..
they kiss passionately..
the gal still in sch uni

i was olike.." wtf"//
n then i very sad..
i nv haf this kind of experience before//
lol.. weird ppl dun haf this kind of thing 1. la

then today whole day at home.. wan to make plans.. to go out.. but sumhow plans dun work out.. so i stay hoome.. slp whoole afternn.. sumtime slping is blissful
now i feel like shit when writing this blog.. wan something to blow off my frustration
but cannt find lei
cant find web frens to blow off on..
real frens oso cannt
wish i can go running
jogging or anything

frustrating day!

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