Saturday, June 18, 2005

when i die, i wan


when i die, i wan to domany things

first ting is to find my mother

second thing is to tell the world i dun nid them

third thing is to find a way to restart life..

i reali regret some choices i took.. n i hurt ppl

there r so many things i haf done wrong
or i had nt done


i wan thechance to atone for wat i do..

i wan the chance to save my mother...
i wan my mother to live.......

why i m the 1 who is so helpless..

why m i the onli 1 who noe my mother is having a heart attack.. why cant i act more incisve.. call ambulance faster.. why cant the ambulance move faster.. why cant i do anything rite

when will i haf the chance to atoneee?

i hate my life
i hate myself
i just dun wan live this life

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Mysticman said...

Hi xiaoBao aka xb..lamest guy in the worlD, I was out surfing on the net looking for the lastest info on DIC. Ok when i die, i wan wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it got my attention and interest , now I see why I found your page when I was looking for DIC anyway I'm glad I stopped by you have a great blog. Thanks for the read ...catch you later!