Sunday, June 12, 2005

Impossible to love myselF

Today Newsheadline" onlIne buayas beware:"

this article is on ppl online who are so desperate n so pervert to hook up with schoolGIrls...!!

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

all human seem all revolving ard this word..


ahh i felt struck by lightning when i saw this article..

issit saying me?

i admit i quite flirty online

tat why i noe erm 120 gals online.. based on my msn contacts..

frm 13-25.. i haf it all...

hmmm wah i feel so disgusted with myself liao..

but hmm why i come online to find frens lei, why i come find gals to chat with..

i duno why??

maybe i feel lonely??

but i nv regret coming online to netchat.. i made alot of gd netfrens.. they brighten my life.. they add sparkle to my life.. i enjoy chatting with them.,....
haha.. m i a sex pervert??

let analyze:::

do i ask gals abt their erm waitsline or breats size??

ANs: yes...oops

do i ask gal out to meet??

ANs: yes

do i ask gal out for sex??

ANs: partially yes!? jokingly ma...

do i look at gal figure n looks b4 i look at their personality??

Ans: yes..

aHhHhH.. i a certified online sex pervert

omg omg omg!!

gals pls run away frm me!!

dun fall into my honey trap!!

pls dun hatespam me in my tagboard!

i duno i a gd person or bad person.. mayBe i Just sick

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