Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i the best soldier of the mth

lolz PTE CHUA JIN CAI==> soldier of the mth.. wat a joke!!..

lolz u believe ma? i dun believe lo

jincai is a very slack guy.. lazy to walk.. lazy to exercise.. lazy to work
he just wan to stare at com n chat online whole day


wat a joke?

lala.. i havent post in a few days.. where should i start

i should start frm monday

monday in all should ba very boring day

morning n afternoon slack in frt of com

but hmm nite i gt a surprise

chienwen go out with me.. omg .. wat a rare occasion.. wat a surprise.. wat a joy to my life
lolz kua zhang!

haha.. anyway she look gorgeous in white shirt n grey/brown skirt..o.o"

actually planned to watch movie
but in the end nv

just eat dinner.. n walk all Orchard!!

enjoy the nite breeze.. enjoy the crowd.. enjoy the chat.. enjoy her..

a nice nite i haf..

but sumtime i reali duno how to tok to her..

maybe she n i nt quite suitable bahz..

shocked news:: minmin get attached.. yanping get attached.. amelia oso get attached

wah sad

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