Friday, May 28, 2004

just watch a nice show

hehe.. just come online.. now is 11 15pm..sian lehz.. nv see yizhen online..haha.. she say she gg to b online today..=x...hmm usual suspect is online..=x

jennifer(rare guest) is online but she slow reply.. now chatting with peishan.. = =.. must b lonely in bluedome so come find me chat..:X

hehe*hope u see tat*

hmm go back to the show.. it is the ch U detective drama.. i followed it frm epsoside 1.alway surprise me with its plot chnage n twist.. but somehow i can guess why they do it*_*

alway do it becoz of money, suspicion,uncontentment.. power... why man should crave after this..

euff of the bad side of the man

hmm a quote frm the leading lady qitong is quite nice at the ending of show..

"we should live life with more trust n concern for others..maybe then life will b more simplier n happier.."

WAt is the pt of finding the truth??maybe we just live in blissful ignorance..haiz

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