Thursday, May 27, 2004

gg to slp now

*yaWN*now is 345am in the morning..tired sia.. must b today rain.. make alot of ppl sleepy.sian..i also feel very sleepy.. drink 2 3 cups of kopi liao..*_*

hmm so now i end my blog with nthg much to say..except sweet dreams to those who is still online..NEWS still online.=x.. snowy still on with her nicekfantasia.. lol finally i announce fanastasia is the new winner of amercian idol.. who wILL b the winner of SG idol? will it B me?=x stay tuned to find out..

tml or i should say today is a new day liao.. hopefully i wun do the same old things..hehe.. but probably will n should do same thing..arghh

noe a new fren 02.. why she called 02..-.-... but she quite slow reply.. nvm.. wait for her..then i go slp

i conclude with another saying to some1..

fate has brought u 2 together as frens.. fren for 1 day.. frens forever.. just forgive n forget..^^.. dun b angry or sad or watever.. dream of ashin or monster bah

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