Thursday, May 27, 2004

28/5/04 first day completed

haha.. since i now swear to write 1 blog per i continue..
i can summarize my day in 1 word.. interesting..haha

at the start of day, watch enews..they tok abt life n love.. like wat they r toking..

den online liao..hehe.. chat n play games on com frm 1pm to 5 pm..hehe.. everyday routine.. chat with yanping..esther..den creating this blog..creating this blog fun fun.. although u see the final product nt so nice.. but nvmm.. fun^^

hmm den go slp liao.. wake up at 6++.. wan to see sun wu kong mahz.. pipaning ge long ding = =".. my fav netfren nick..* eeeeeeeeee*..

den a sms come.. frm yizhen..=x.. netfren again.. haha.. sms for awhile.. den she ask me whether i free on june... of coz i surprised.. seldom gt gal sms me like tat..><.. hmm hope i wun disappoint her lo

wee.. watch the whole 3 hr .. den 10pm watch news.. den hear MJ tok.. michael jordan say 1 sentence very nice..

i quote " it ok nt to succeed, but it nt ok nt to try" nice hor..

1 of my principle of life also.. but tink i fail miserably to abide by it..

hehe.. after news.. online again*surprise surprise*

chat chat time.. alway haf wonderful time chatting with my netfrens..alway haf wonderful time disturbing them..hehe
cannie, yizhen, yanping, samantha, tem,wendy, jennifer, peishan.. i now writing this blog.. peishan just offline.. hmm.. she seem sad... i nv saw her reply me..sian.. cannt go tok to her.. must b her sch result den nt happy 1..haiz.. paisehz ah, peishan

i write so long liao.. but nite still young..jia you wor tem n peishan dun b sad..maybe i write later

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