Sunday, February 13, 2005

Caltex- wat drives u

Does the river flow in 1 direction?

yea it does..

does the boat alway gt a direction to go?

yea it does..

does human alway gt a direction to go to?

hmm they say ppl can onli alway move forward.. bt wat if u r left behind? wat if u r nt clever euff wat if u r slow

r u left behind by the river? thrown up into the shore or just let u sink into bottom?

i feel i m stagnating.. rotting in wordless hell..

wat drives me?

haha i osos duno wat i m aiming sia.. m i capable to go uni?--- no money

go oversea?-- no money

go work? most probably..

but can onli feed myself 3 meals a day..
i wan do something more..

sad but i seem cannt realise anything to do
i dun tink i gt any special talent

hahah.. 21 liao soon

adult liao no wonder keep tinking wat way i should take

hehe.. i want to b ambitious.. but see my character.. u noe i m a person who like to take short cut 1 la.. so

but i m hardwokring
i able to accept any hardship
i just haf to motivate myself la

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