Friday, February 11, 2005

i guess i haf to admit to fate

i guess i m a competitive person after all..

i guess i wan something after all..
i cannt b content with this life ever liao..
hmm my life view maybe should change ba..
for the past five yr, i nv achieve anything of note..
haha.. i made a great bunch of frens( my greatest achievement)..
now still on gd terms.. but somehow lack something..
but i tink i m sinking into engllish getting worse.. my way of thing is rotting, my thinking getting lousier.. i nt smart anymore.. i wan something.. i wan do something.. tat will make myself proud..

getting worse.. my mind is deterioating.. i need to sharpen my mind........... pls tell me how how how

hey ssomehow getting into a pattern of life.. need to rediscover my craving for something..

hmm after this 2 yr of ns, wat will i do?

beside thinking of life, chinese new yr is very sian.. no atmosphere 1.. sleep all the way.. getting online oso getting sianz liao.. alway wan to slp .. haha..

eh where is my lameness? where is my audience?
maybe a gathering of fren will heal me

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