Saturday, February 05, 2005

hmmm why mmust i suffer?

hmm 1 wk nv update le..

since my new appointment, i m quite " bz:": techinicallly zhou bo lan but still must stay in office.. ready to do tings at all time.. n my commanding officer is siao 1.. he stay back late late 1.. he hai wo cannt bk out 1.. for the past 5 days.. i tink i stay in twice.. wah this is twice i noramlly stay in camp lo.. zzz more worse days ahead i presume..

actually my life is like tat lo.. nthg much except staring at air most of the time.. some office politics.. but still ok la... it is like this 1.. hmm alway kena bullied by colleagues.. hai~~ why i gt a gullible look.. should go change my look liao.. =x...

i dunnoe wat to tink le.. my life getting monotonous.. haha getting hard to write anything liao.. veyr hard to see my eyes these few days.. hopefully over chinese new yr period they r free ba.. should come out tok tok tok.. if not siao siao liao.. getting further n further.. haha i wan see weelung getting married 1 lo.. he still owe me a matchmaking present.. hongbao..

hmm chinese new yr faster come la... i wan long holiday.. maybe can relax super gd.. becoz now i getting sick.. sneezing, coughing, throat pain..lolz .. FLU.. but this kind of sickness is troublesome but nt serious..zzz.. sure cannt take mc 1..

EHhHHhhHH... can my life haf more controversies? hahaaa.. nt in army life i hope.. pesonal life more.. n hmm online less= less time to chat with ppl= cannt tok to her= guess she forget abt me le...

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