Sunday, January 30, 2005

moody sunday

hi guys.. nv update a few days.. becoz i damn bz n tired..

hmm becoz of my new appointment.. i alway seem to stay back late.. so i guess i wun b able to stay out during wkdays alot..

is staying in actually beta than staying out?

frm my perspective hor, it is actually worse.. becoz i feel uncomfortable in army camp for 24 hr or in army uni.. so many restrictions.. so i feel going out into civilian world for a few hr is also kind of medicine to sooth my uncomfortable feeling.. but usually it will make me very very tired.. n when i bk in i usually throw myself in camp..
so is staying in or staying out beta? haiz....

god help me choose..

my new appointemnt is so sianz.. alway sitting ard receiving calls.. i tink i act as perosnal secretary to the commanding officer, ableit guy... i dun like this life.. i wan my old appointment back.. it is much easier..n relaxing.. imagining living under lion mouth for 2 yr..zzz

i gt nthg o tok abt army la.. except i feel tired alway these few wk.. faster chinese new yr lehz.. faster lehz.. i wan to relax...

damn it i tink i gt emotionnal black hole liao.. i cannt feel anything le.. nummb nummb i feEling NuMB... my frens all bz with thier own lifes.. my colleagues r just colleagues..lolz. i juSt wan to b alive.. or maybe as chenwei i should go out to find tat some1 who will brighten my life.. but i doubt so

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