Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 end

2007 report scorecard..

- finish my CAT.. (fantastic.. long struggle)
- have some savings to chiong for investments in 2008
- learn alot more abt personal finance, investments, insurances
- learn more abt myself.. know i still veri emotionally weak, weakminded,dependent.. haiss(nid to buck up more)
- get my associate financial consultant designation.
- make more frens frm work.. eebing,peishan, william,luke,zunwen,n all those fantastic colleagues frm charter, sony, great eastern..
they make all the difference in my working life..
- gain more working experience.. more confident.
- finally meet her.. she the one who make me suffer for the past 6 mths..
- know love is tong che xin fei.. not easy to fall in love.. ( hope she wun leave my life..haiss)
- cherish every moment in life more... becoz life is so precious( uncle.. pls be with me for 10 20 more yrs)

life is so difficult to understand.. it make us suffer so much for our desires.. our desire to be loved.. to be cared for.. for us to gain all these, we need to do so much thing .. to suffer so much..
hmm why cant things be more easier to get?? why cant 2 person who r fated to meet.. yet can suffer in each person presence.. i know it hard on u.. it is even harder on me.. haiss.. i dun wan to tink le.. 2008 will be better

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