Friday, April 04, 2008

long time no update le..

poor blog.. have neglect u for veri long le.. becoz i veri veri busy with work.. super bz.. super OT

ok euff of it..

still doing well in life .. in all aspects?


my colleagues have become good frens... all those temp staff, perm staff have become my close frens..

i know them for 10 mths le..

time seem to go so fast when u so hapi

in my 10 mths with them, alot thing happen

my first time of seriously pursuing a gal.. seriously have feeling for her.. not those play play 1..

is those type of wanting to take care of her 1..

but too bad she no feeling for me.. haiss tink i still veri immature..

but is ok..

they have become my good frens.. share the good times the bad time.. the busy times..

those days at the office have become enjoyable.. i will miss them when one by one they leave the company or i leave the company..

we have went on a few outingss.. enjoy all of them.. see they laugh n joke.. we reali have become closer.. thanks for fate for bring all of us togethr.. thanks god.. at least i not depressed anymre abt life...

it make me look forwards to mondays at least


have so far done well.. finish my cat. finsih half of chfc.. now aiming to DO WELL in the 3 acca modules i have enrolled in.. although i tink it will need alot of hard work on my side.. becoz serioulsy veri tired after work to study..
but i can do it..

heelllo.. when can i never do it if i set my mind on it?

success or failure is just a word.. the attitude n learning experience is wad u will gain..

go for it jincai..

financial investing

i wan do well in this aspect. been reading books n forums.. trying to analyse companies.. trying to beat the Market.. but without certainity, i certainly wun venture into risky instruments

for now is invest in unit trust n practise rsp. becoz money for me is actually nt impt..

is thee feeling of being useful.. that the true motivation of being the best in ur life that is ever

My motto is to Live ur best...


i certainly yearn for a relationship.. a relationship whereby both parties care for each other.. i can unreservedly share my feelings with her.. she will be my support when i can be her support.. this kind of gal so hard to find.. i know i cannot change my weakness but i hope to find a ger who can accept me for who i m...

i not a good person.. a person with super irritating attitude, lame personality.. slow to understand things.. insensitive.. selfcentered...

but wadeva i know i m a kind person.. i will care n cry for u if i knw u care for me in return.....

is a 2 way things...

zzz challenges ahead : whether to sign or no sign? .. where to advance in career? determined euff to pass all the modules. buy a hse.. financial investing.. mAking More frens

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