Saturday, February 02, 2008

i love her.. veri pain

hmm this is unrequited love.. veri pain.. veri hurt.. esp when she leave u for the last time...

i love her.. seriously...

i wan be with her.. protect her.. make her smile n laugh.. i love being with her...

why heaven wan me see her yet i cant have her..

why she dun like me..

m i too lousy??

Lol.. i dunnoe why she nv express her feelings clearly to me.. even on the last moment..

i sms her again yesterday.. yet she nv reply...

on thursday her last day, i prepare a special present for her..

i buy a card design it.. ask 20 over ppl personally sign w/o her knowing..

arrange the present nicely on the desk n put the card which consist 3 things.. combined together look veri nice..

i feell oddly happy tat i m able to do this.. i nv able to gif ppl present properly.. i nt the type to tink n express this kind of things...

but yet for her, i can do this.. i can do this without any reservations

i do this to make this a beautiful memory for her n me..

aww yet the onli thing i get frm her is a thks..

wad i wan hear is why she can torture me so long.. can be so cold to me a moment..

den can be frenly n joke with me .. can smile to me..

she nv reali say she dun like me.. yet she nv say she like me too

i confused whether she like me arnot

issit i too possessive or i hurt her too much over tat event that she fear to be with me..

yet now she left me le.. left me hurting.. it pain n cut like a knife...

but hor i reali feel i can see her again
i reali feel i fated to see her 1..

i hope i see her.. i m yearning for her..

can heaven hear my pleads... n grant my wish?

soon i upload the pic

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