Saturday, May 10, 2008

i not rich

lol.. happy to sign on perm as at may 2... pay good euff.. wonder hw long i will stay there?

great eastern has been great to me.. colleagues great.. working environment great.. location near..

although sometimes life sux becoz i keep like gers who dun like me.. haha.. i also sian..

quarrel n being sensitive to things that shd nt affect me

well that me. i dunnoe how to manage myself le..


i reali suxx

when can i really grow up??

alreadi gg 25 soon.. a quarter of century gone.. i reali feel damn old..

haha.. exams is coming................

i everyday feel stress abt it.. my mind is totally divided into 2..

1 is exam.. the other is u know who

haha.. i m crazyyyy.. i must buck up in examss...

sheee abit indifferent to me.. sometimes good sometime bad.. wonder wad she tinking

wonder wad m i tinking of also..

we quarrel like shit.. but we can be tian mi like siao.. huan xi yuan jia?

haha.. we shd leave it to fate but i cant stop tinking of her...

hmm well sandy have her bf.... sometime i oso wish she is mine.. but fate decrees not..
i just wish her the best n hopefully i will see her again somewhere sometime...

life continues.. i wan to have a perfect life.. with a lovely family and a great career..

i wan give the best to my family.. give the best to my wife.. gif the best to my children..

continue to strive hard jincai

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