Friday, February 22, 2008

dreams n hopes

wow, i pass exam..

veri hapi although nv get as high as i wan

but i pass la.. happie happie..

now can aim for more..

3 modules.. tax. law. finance.. conquer them all..

take mc today to settle some stuff..

i successfully transfer frm nightmare class to f4 at no additional cost.. except textbook fees..

good.. save moneyy.!!

lose abit in soccer betting.. sians..

must limit myself.. if not i will dragged into debts...

den this financial consultant , which is me , will be in deep shit..

ok.. open poems acct.. actuali nv take alot time.. quick n easy.. another step to financial freedom...

ok i need a car...

need to account for this..

a car will be veri convenient and a big-time girl magnet...

haa.. although it is a depreciating asset.. which goes against the grain of me thrifty n stingy personality

aww i wan to spend.. but i wan be financially free

how to juggle between this 2..

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