Sunday, May 01, 2005

my life so f***ed up

haha.. use vulgar..

beep beep

beep beep beep

bt wat can i say?
life sux la

when can life b better?

hhee.. stupid chenwei..alwayw an show offf.. arghh.. keep buying this n that to improve himself.

haha.. but it true la.. ppl must alway try to improve himself

i stagnated le too long.. stagnated until i bth..
i find myself weak n useless.. everything cannt b done..

i oso very tired becoz of doing guard duty.. i now trully hate guard duty!!!

no more guard duty pls

today play soccer.. sux sia.. cannt even pass properly..lose terribly.. leg pain sumore..

sunday duty clerk.. haf to go back camp.. omg why my life like this 1..

hey where the rest of ppl..

where the ppl i can tok to

where lijun where i sure will haf fun arguing..

ppl had been misssing frm my life for too long

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