Wednesday, May 04, 2005

wat will ppl do after i gone frm this world?

seriously how do i die? how do ppl noe when they r going to die? will there a messenger of death to tell them their time is up? hmm or simply becoz thier will to live has alreadi evaporate so they just go like this..

when my mother die, they say they can seriously see my mother trying to fight on trying to hold on.. tryoing to hold on for us.. i seriously at tat time hope she hold on.. no matter she may become a vegetable.. just long i can see her.. touch her.. i so selfish

hmm now i dunnoe.. my mouth say i wan to die.. i wan follow her.. lolz.. but seriously i hope i nt cowardly to avoid everything

eveyrthing is a test
i noe it is
eveyrthing will come toward us
bt i will live on
live on becoz i need to b there
need to live for her

my mind now veyr complicated.. 1 side wan gif up.. the other wan to hold on

what will ppl react after i gone frm this world?

seriously dun tink ppl care anyway
sad is sad la
but in the end all is memories
my life is reali upside down

maybe i should calm myself down
n do something worthwhile

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