Thursday, May 05, 2005

a cruel parting

i did it
i deleted a socalled fren
duno why i do that
but tink she over extended my limit
i haf made many ppl angry b4
my personality nt gd 1.. but it is tough.. i will overcome any loss of frenship.i hate it when ppl insult mi.. i took it personally n i dealt it in my way.. nt a appropriate bt necessary.. guess our frenship just cant stand the test of the time.. the test of two vastly different personality..

i cant force u to accept my weak personality.. i bear with u alot le.. i let u haf alot of advanatges.. i haf in my way treat u as gd as wat i can gif to a fren.. i noe u oso bear with mi alot.. u haf blocked mi.. u haf scolded mi.. i noe it for my own gd.. i just cannt make it.. hmm i tink maybe i nt gd euff to b ur fren... i haf no regret noeing u as a fren.. becoz u haf brought me alot of happiness.. i love the way u tok.. i love the way u can seriously kill ppl with ur tongue.. i love ur wit.. chat with u is fun n happy.. testing u is even beta.. i love frenly banter.. i love to fight it out with words with ppl.. i like to say ppl to evoke a response.. duno why i do these thing.. maybe i crave attention or personally i m too self centred.. bt tat is who i m.. n i seriously dun show too much of this selfcenteredness in real life....maybe tat is becoz i too low in confidence ba that i haf to act stronger than wat i m

memories alot....found u in bluedome..follow peishan into the channel.. found the first gal to chat in the channel is u.. abrasive alreadi tat time.. stilll rmemeber i gt ur pic frm xiusen.. hmm the pic with everything erased except u.. big row tat time.. but somehow we gone through it..

online games...... tink gunbound fairyland all u intro mi.. guide mi along. play with mi.. guide my brother too.. alway can see u inside the games.. u alway play n play n play.. tat time i wonder why a gal like u can play n play so long.. alway see u there..maybe tat is the time our frenship grew ba.. tink the gal who i will miss very much frm the bluedome channel is u.. it is truly u.. no doubt i haf develop some feeling for mi.. nt the boy girl feeling.. hmm i nv wan a gf anyway n i noe i too unsuitable to haf 1.. just a bond.. a strong bond frm suaning each other.. frm me bantering with mi.. duno u can feel arnot.. u r 1 of the gal i seriously enjoyed chatting with... a bond .. but hmm u dun haf this feeling ba.. i seriously dunnoe.. u haf blocked mi countless time le.. u haf scolded mi countless time.. i duno wat to tink le.. u questioned my way of being the way i m alot of times... u noe a leopard cannt change its spot.. i can ever change.. bt i hope i can at least bring some happiness to some ppl life.. or some happiness into my perverted life.. i haf failed as a fren ...

ahh the first meeting..ktv...... i seriously tat time is very sorry toward u..
sound like i forced u to go there
alot of guys with u as the only gal..
ur singing nt bad....
no comment towards seeing u first time.. maybe abit too excited n awkward in seeing u..
u r very gracious in the way u conducted urself..
a gd chat with u with grant alongside in the arcade.. my grant afterward gt say u quite a intelligent gal to tok to
dunnoe time gone veyr fast le..
i oso dunnoe wat to write liao..
noe each other so long
maybe fate has passed us by

but hmm tink i seriously give too much out le bahz.... too much feeling

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Mysticman said...

Hi xiaoBao aka xb..lamest guy in the worlD love your blog. I came across it while looking for DIC. I know a cruel parting is not an exact match but thanks for the read. I'll get on with my search for DIC stuff and will visit again sometime. Take Care