Sunday, May 08, 2005

why human r so fake?

it been so many months since i start blog

countless countless of entries

hm yesterday i saw a show on blog on channelnew asia..

0.0 in it the writers say they write the blogs... why they sacrifice their privacy to write this

hmm reasons like
1) freedom to write anything
2) need to share happiness n sadness with every1
3) zzz.. becoz they gt fans who like read blog so they cannt stop writing
4) it is interesting n it occupies the time
first reason i agree... second nt so.. third maybe la. btw where is myfans?

fourth erm ya ya i agree with tat too

i can write million word blig n it occupies my time no doubt it boring but heehe so WAT? IT MY BLOG

* guard duty on sat* so nv write tat day

AFTERnote: very sorry to tat gal.......

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