Thursday, April 28, 2005

did nt bk out but here i m

very sad day..

very tired day

now i in office.. going to slp soon

i hate bedok camp

i hate my life

i duno wat to tink liao

yesterday do guard duty until bth...

very tired
do abt 7 hrs
bt rest abt 3 hr

very tired
i reali tired of life
hmm unfair life
den today morning slp until nice nice
bt still haf to wake up after noon
still haf to do work

actually tonite is bk out nite.. but unfortunately due to my work n cunningness of my superior, i haf to stay back.. made my mood super black. my face sure is black until hell..

i reali tired..

no 1 to console
no 1 to understand my pain
no 1 to gif mi advice..

no money

unfair life

reali unfair life

wat to say?

1 1/2 hr to ord

1 1/2 yr of suffering
pls pls omg..
let the suffering end

or i self end my suffering myself..

reali tired

wat will tml bring?

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