Sunday, April 24, 2005

had i changed?

hmm duno lehz..
today a gal told mi i had changed
changed frm wat i duno
chnaged to wat she imagined me nt to b le
n she very disappointed with it

n i feel quite bad abt it
noe thisgal for 1 yr plus
how times pass
she the 1 who is very sweet n nice
abit young nfor me..

she oso dunnoe la.. abit dun like love kind of thing.. so alway dun like me joke abt love thing which i often do..

is love thing a thing tat shouls nt b joked abt?
duno.. i nv been in love.. how i noe

wat is love?
hw to experience love?
why ppl say they r in love ?
wat is the feeling of being in love?
haha.. duno duno

i feel lost in this kind of things..
but sianz la.. no time to deal with this kind of thing liao..
army beckon mi.. lolz bk in le..

hey amelia cheer up if u see this..
hey lijun chien cuiting peishan where r u???????
haha.. minmin although u failed ur superstar audition, but u did ur best.. go go .go ..go
minmin jia you
u the best japanese singer

hhaha... lian intro mi to ada la.. more fun..
haha.. yizhen??
sian bk in le/.. see u the next wk..
i wan chnage back into a guy who r very gd

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aMeLiA said...

hey hey!
take careee