Sunday, January 16, 2005

confused ppl do confused thIngs

hmm i feel terribly stupid during this few days... why should i tell ppl i like her when i nt even sure.. hmm maybe i should nt write so much le la.. this is nt reali a very secret blog.. hai.`` cannt reali reveal my true feeling.. true feeling abt fren.. true feelings abt jealousy.. true feelings abt finding more abt myself.. beside u, there is still a few ppl who will look at this blog.. so i cannt reali say wat i realli wan to say to u.. but i must thank u for ur so mature thinking, ur refusal, ur time, ur reminders, ur naggings, ur pinching.... thanks for telling me ur ting.. it help me tink more in perspective abt my life..

haha..i tink i would rather b a joking, heck care, dun tink kind of person, lame person........ maybe this way i can find my little joy in my life.. i can c light coming out at my long trip down a tunnel.. i finali can accept i nt reali suited to b in a relationship, i finali can accept there is alway light in this world.. treasure my life more.. haha i noe i will achieve nthg down the road.. bt i will enjoy making ppl life happier, i will enjoy being a ever immature guy who hopefully will bring joy to some1 life.. i noe now wat is life.. life is making a difference to some1.. life is unfair but u can make something fair to some1 life

i guess i cannt make any1 difference to any ppl online le.. maybe they getting tired of toking to me.. i duno wat to do online.. look at those ppl.. i finali feel i cannt tok to them le.. feel their life revolving away frm me.. i cannt follow up any more.. too bz in army le.. too weak to feel le..

hmmm hapi for my buddy who get a ncie gf.. haha.. he keep on saying it is fast.. but i feel nt fast le lahz..u r trully compatible to her..haha.. if i guess, this relationship will surely last beyond 1 yr.. n maybe i can drink wedding dinner soon..=x

i dunnoe wat to write le.. maybe it will cum to my brain soon le la.. "i refuse to bow down to realities of life..i believe i m god.. if i going to b different frm life, i will b different.. i will nv b disheartened.. i will use the courage i alway haf to fight against life".. btw this is mayday song lyrics.. mmusic reali make u relax

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