Monday, January 17, 2005

despatch ic.. feel strange after a few days off

hmm today monday.. i m back in bedok camp.. stupid stupid bedok bedok camp.. why must go back.. i off so mani days.. so song.. i like it veri much.. spend it quite interestingly.. enjoy tat few days... finali come back to reality.. the stupid office n stupid smart 4... gay

feel strange after finali come back.. go back to slacker life.. nthg to do 1.. i just show face in office.. n answer some calls... read newpaper

ahh.. i afternoon go do despatch.. hopped on a aircon car.. song

tink i travel all ard singapore

seletar east camp
mmi ard nuh there

haha.. actually nt so bad la.. quite enjoy the ride.. see cars n cars n cars n chio bu chio bu chio bu

sms ppl again.. tok to meinu lianjiejie on fone again..wahaha.. erm fone bill burst.. *dead*

i crapping again.. 3 more days to holidays

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