Friday, January 21, 2005

sometime i tink i reali should not live on

i tink life is unfair.. but should it b so unfair to me?
i m veri sad i m very sad..grr i m whining.. gt so mani thing to worry abt.. so many arrows to take.. i dream of a day i finali say gdbye to this world.. wat llife i has led? only despair but nv happpppiness... but i kip on grumbling..haha.. sometime i tink i best at grumbling.. maybe i shoould b content with my life n stop tinking n complaining.. but hor this is me so i guess whoever is reading this blog is xi guan me complaining..

wonder why other ppl seem more hapier than me. is it i alllow my self to b sadder than them or they gt secret tat i duno..

where peishan ? where she run to?
where llijun? why she alway online bt nv reply me
why chienwen alway treat me like shit?
why yizhen dun wan mit me

haha.. i sya all the names liao

bu i guess i should nt worry abt virtual world
but hor in reality i haf more thing to worry lehz.. tink i like to escape to virtual world.. liek to lame to ppl who r nt in my life. i wan to b happy... i just wan to smile throughout the day n make ppl happy

i worry daily abt my days in bedok camp
i worry daily why i cannt make it in life
i worry daily abt my attitude..

hmm most of all i worry aby my meaning of my life
i feel unappreciated
btw i see alot of " i"
i m a damn selfcentered bastard
arghh haf to chnage myself.. haf to stop thinking.. haf to finali b hapi or i dunnoe how to live..

zzz.. my fone bill.. pls let it b ez for me to settle..

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