Friday, January 21, 2005

210105- hari raya haji

hapi hari raya to all the malays in the world..

u gif me a nice holiday where i slp whole day.. so nice..

morning 9am wake up-> play soccer-> enjoy myself bt keep missing goal.. kena laughed by my teammates.

went for kbox ard 12.. no kbox lunch.. sad waste of money... 10 dollars fly away..zz.. den went for TM foodcourt for its famous beef noodles.. super nice^^V.. den horhor go home art 4pm plus.. so early but reali nowhere to go liao.. dun wan go suntec with cw becoz too long n too ex. i nid to budget myself.. haha... waste too much on fone bill.. i stingy guy lehz^^v...

den go home n straught away fall down on bed n slp.. wah.. song..

den 7plus online n now writing blog.. tink nth special happen to me for today

tml plan for saturady? duno la

prev entry totally sux.. ignore it..

final note: i say sorry to those who i offended.. n hmm i reali noe alot of ppl too long le ba.. perhaps ppl need a new break ba.. maybe i should find new frens n make my life renewed.. bt haha.. being netfrens with they all so long.. i miss to suan them.. they haf become a ncie part of my life.. i dun wan them to become memory in my mind or i in thiers:)

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