Tuesday, January 11, 2005

hmm horrible few days


com spoil again.. dulan.. spent my yesterday whole nite off trying to repair com.. ask alot of ppl.. ask until dulan.. n ask until i oso dulan..hai~~..

monday ask ppl tots abt me.. answer reali unexpected honest.. sad.. let just say it nt favourable la..haha.

erm reali addicted on calling ppl liao.. i call quite a few gal during my duty last sat.. nw kip calling.. tink my hp bill gona bombed.. hmm let say 1 very nice gal i like chatting with her on fone.. 1 hr long.. wah this is quite long for 2 person who just saw each other once in their lives.. hmm comment bay her? haha.. she may b reading..

ermm.. duno why i kip[ asking ppl opionion abt me.. tink must b affected by alway staying in amry n the sms test..

stupid la.. dun wan to say le..

haha my days off r coming.. hehe.. i going to spend it nice n nice.. slp whole day at home.. wahaha..

any ppl wan jio me out? dun call just sms..

erm tat all la.. just tink alot this few days..

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