Sunday, January 09, 2005

now is sunday evening

hmm sunday evening lehz..

nthg much to do..

yesterday just do my dtuy

a marathon of movies n sleeping..
nth much to do..
quite enjoy the day.. but super sian..

call a few gals.. hee.. call yz .. she so cute wor.. sometime i duno wat she reali tink.. why she kip insisting tat she love me.. haha i duno how i feel for her.. veri confused la..

haha.. sunday duno wat to do ting la.. kbox a few hr walk ard.. so damn sianz.. i duno how to spice up my life le.. wl is bz dating ... cw too depressed abt field camp for 2 wk.. stay in jungle 2 wks.. n hmm hmm how i can spice up my life le??

i wan to love some1.. but teach me how to love n say mushy thing

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